Each of our specially designed rooms offers the environment and equipment to meet the individual needs of children at different ages.

Each of our specially designed rooms offers the environment and equipment to meet individual needs of children at different ages.

Exploration room – Explorers 0-1 years

The exploration room consists of a cosy area where babies can access a wide range of age appropriate books, a natural and heuristic area, sensory area which is set up with different tactile experiences such as musical instruments, discovery bottles and shiny resources.

We have a cosy sleeping area for them to have their naps in a beautifully designed wooden coracle.

Discovery room – Discoverers 1-2 years  

Discovery room focusses on communication and language, confidence to explore and continuing their physical development.

We have a wide range of areas in this room such as small world consisting of trains and tracks, dinosaurs and cars, a construction area, role playing kitchen where we use real pots, pans vegetables and fruit.

The room also has a lovely mark making area with a chalk board wall and a space for children to display their drawings. Alongside this is a messy area for arts and crafts, sand and water.




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0-2’s Garden Area

This is a shared garden for all children under two years of age. This area incorporates soft luxurious artificial grass, an interactive role play area, a covered sandpit and a large mark making board.

We have a music station and water wall which is made primarily up of natural and reclaimed resources, to give them opportunities to explore different sounds and the use of props to support their play.

Adventurers room – Adventurers 2-3 years

Investigation Room_3.jpg

The Adventurers room is our 2-3s base room. This is the room where the children learn all about, shapes, colours, numbers and promoting independence within the children. Children prepare for potty training, serving their meals and pouring their own drinks.

We have a cosy book area which focuses on story reading and telling and puppet shows. We also have a construction and small world area where children can use a variety of resources to construct, build train and car tracks, using small world figures to enhance their small world play.

We like to explore with a variety of sensory messy experiences such as cornflour play, baking, painting and much more. We have a beautiful new addition to this room which is our sensory den. This space is a calming area where we explore light and shadows along with colour mixing on our amazing light table.

What a lovely nursery! From our initial visit to look around we felt very comfortable with the staff and our son was very happy. The staff are very welcoming and friendly and they seem to know your child. They deal with request or concerns quickly and are always happy to help. The nursery is very clean and our son loves the home cooked food. I would highly recommend Angels Nursery to other parents.


What a lovely nursery!

Investigation room – Investigators 3-5 years

This is our pre-school base room; the children move into this room when they are three. Children start to role-play based on their own experiences, discussing with their friends their own ideas to keep their play going and introduce a story line into their play. We have a large construction area where children can use a variety of open ended materials such as tyres, cable drums and pallets to build dens and create obstacle courses with.

We look at the life cycle of animals, and really start to explore the world around us in more detail.


Children become confident learners in preparation for primary school, they learn to put their own coat and shoes on, write their name, recognise letters and numbers and start to look at letter sounds and rhyming strings.


They will also bring home a school ready back to share with their parents with activities such as letter/name recognition and writing. We have a large interactive board which has specific computer programs to enhance children’s learning and development in numeracy, literacy and communication and language.

construction pre-school.jpg

2-5s Garden Area

Science Station-1.jpg

This incorporates a large play area with all-weather safety surfaces to allow greater opportunity for outdoor play activities.

The garden has a large bike track where the children can develop their gross motor skills whilst negotiating the space around them.

We have a science and investigation area where we look at measuring, colour mixing and building on numeracy skills. We also plan science experiments which gives the children the ability to share their own predictions about what will happen and how things work.

Our enchanted forest is an amazing place to explore bugs and their habitats, do story telling using log seats and we also have a fairy house to spark imagination and curiosity.

The garden also consists of a specially designed sandpit area, log climber and mud kitchen.

Children have access to the garden in all weathers, we provide all-in-one suits for the children to go out in the wet weather, these are stored in our welly shed along with the children’s wellies.

We are always looking at new ways of enhancing our play spaces for the children and creating something new for them to explore… our next addition to our 2-4s garden is our sensory garden! (watch this space…)

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